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September 10 2013


Find a dj


Why Professional DJ Services Offer More Options Today

wedding dj
Managing a professional mobile dj service has not been more thrilling or maybe more challenging compared to today. The the fact is, it���s getting more and more difficult to garner success while representing DJs who rely on their basic skills alone. Now, as part of your, agencies are choosing to work with DJs offering a wider selection of unique services inside their entertainment packages. It���s no longer just about spinning tunes and in the role of emcee. It���s about creating an entire and unforgettable entertainment experience with services like uplighting, photo booths, live video recording, etc. Here are just a few reasons why offering such specialized services is fast-becoming an industry norm.

wedding dj
1. The iPod DJ - The digital age has certainly altered the phrase exactly what it means to be considered a DJ. Technically, with just a music player hooked up to a couple of speakers, anyone can be a DJ. And regardless of the many perils of counting on a preprogrammed playlist to entertain their guests, there���s no denying the allure from the cost savings benefit event coordinators receive after they employ their iPods in place of a genuine human. So, mobile disc jockey agencies are left without any choice but to maximise their appeal by offering more specialized services and ensuring their DJs generate a performance that produces each client feel they may be obtaining a much larger value for their money than they paid.

2. Affordability - Budgets have grown significantly tighter for many couples in the last couple of years meaning they are able to no longer find a way to hire wedding coordinators and should look for the most affordable photography, entertainment and d���cor from individual specialty businesses. Not only is a headache for that couple throughout the planning stages, it could be very overwhelming trying to coordinate everyone loading inside and out through the event itself. That���s why more and more DJ services are providing alternatives that can alleviate some of that headache, like uplighting (a vital ingredient for both entertainment and overall d���cor), photo booths (when along with disposable cameras distributed among platforms, may get rid of the need for a specialist photographer altogether during the reception) and videography.

3. Competition - The primary reason mobile disc jockey services are selling more options than in the past is always to better compete in the highly saturated market. Even without the threat with the iPod DJ, the industry is overflowing with great talent. With so many capable DJs in every price able to hire in a moment���s notice, it���s getting harder for the everyday consumer to know where you can turn. Agencies must then ensure that also, they are representing the highest quality talent, however that their DJs are selling the type of unique services the marketplace demands.

Ultimately, it is the consumer who benefits most out of the increase in variety and option of unique DJ services. Lucky on their behalf, when the past two decades are everything to go by, there���s bound to be a level bigger rise in the variety of solutions.
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